Author = Ali Asghar Ravasi
Number of Articles: 9
1. The effect of high intensity intermittent exercise (HIE) in Hypoxia and normoxia on response of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in non-athletic men

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 06 August 2013


yaghob mehrialvar; Ali Asghar Ravasi; sajad ahmadi zad; sajjad hasanvand

3. The Effect of High Intensity Interval Training and Continuous Endurance Training on Gene Expression of mir-1 and IGF-1 in Cardiomyocyte of Diabetic Male Rats

Volume 13, Issue 1, May 2021, Pages 11-23


Maryam Delfan; Mohammad Reza Kordi; Ali Asghar Ravasi; Majid Safa; Ensieh Nasli Esfahani; Kamelia Rambod

4. The acute effects of high intensity interval training (HIIIT) on PGC-1α and FNDC5 genes expression in diabetic rats

Volume 12, Issue 3, January 2020, Pages 249-261


mousa khalafi; Ali Asghar Ravasi; Rahman Soori; Mohammad Moradi; Massoud Soleimani

5. The Effect of a 12 -Week Endurance Training on IL-6, IL-10 and Nesfatin -1 Plasma Level of Obese Male Rats

Volume 5, Issue 4, January 2013, Pages 109-122


Rouhollah Haghshenas; Ali Asghar Ravasi; Mohammad Reza Kordi; Mahdi Hedayati; Fatemeh Shabkhiz; Mohammad Shariatzadeh

7. The Effect of Resistance Training on Metabolic Profile and Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Men

Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2009, Pages 5-19

A.H Haghighi; M Hamedi nia; Ali Asghar Ravasi

9. A Comparison between Two Weight Loss Methods in 20 to 25-Year-Old, Well-Trained Wrestlers

Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2009, Pages 5-21

amir rashid lamir; mahmoud goudarzi; Ali Asghar Ravasi