Generally, articles written in this category are either from developmental basic topics with universal audiences, or from applied sports physiology and national knowledge production with the aim of meeting national needs.

Publication of journals in University of Tehran aims at:

  • Publishing novel research findings in order to expand the knowledge, transitioning theoretical and practical achievements of professionals to sport sciences field in order to exchange the knowledge and experience based on valid research methods.
  • Establishing and developing interaction network between researchers and academic research centers.
  • Promoting academic knowledge level and research efforts in different fields of sport sciences and institutionalizing research in the country.
  • Making efforts to meet academic and research needs of the country.
  • Making efforts in problem-finding and resolving academic problems in the field of sport sciences.
  • Making efforts to join the international databases

Considering new and universally standard topics which are capable of being used in international level thanks to being drawn from doctoral dissertations and national macro research studies, is one of the priorities of the journal.