Keywords = Inflammation
Number of Articles: 7
2. The Effect of Progressive Resistance Training on Cystatin C and C Reactive Protein in Male Volleyball Players

Volume 8, Issue 4, March 2017, Pages 533-543


dara tarsim; ahmad hemmatfar; Kamal Azizbeigi Boukani

3. The Effect of Combined Station Training on Adiponectin and hs-CRP in Overweight Women

Volume 8, Issue 3, November 2016, Pages 393-409


Marzieh Ansari; Ruhollah Ranjbar; masuod nikbakht

5. The Effect of Aerobic Exercise in Carbon Black Particulates Air Pollution on TLR4 and TNF-α Gene Expression in Lung Tissue of Male Rats

Volume 7, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 605-618


Mohammad Fashi; Hamid Agha-Alinejad; Hasan Asilian Mahabadi; batool rezaee seraji; behzad pak rad

6. The Effect of a 12 -Week Endurance Training on IL-6, IL-10 and Nesfatin -1 Plasma Level of Obese Male Rats

Volume 5, Issue 4, January 2013, Pages 109-122


Rouhollah Haghshenas; Ali Asghar Ravasi; Mohammad Reza Kordi; Mahdi Hedayati; Fatemeh Shabkhiz; Mohammad Shariatzadeh