Producing soluble or cellular components is one of the main functions of immune system which immunes the body against any kinds of inflammation. The aim of the present study was to investigate the plasma level changes of IL-17, CRP, and CPK in male mice after 8 weeks of aerobic exercise and omega-3 consumption. For this purpose, 170 male mice (mean age of two months and mean weight of 35±1 g) were selected. At the beginning, 10 mice were killed in order to determine the amounts of pretest variables. The rest were randomly divided into four groups of control (n=40), supplement (n=40), training (n=40), and supplement with training (n=40). 0.2 ml (0.06 ml/g of body weight) oil fish (Omega-3) containing DHA and EPA were consumed by supplement and supplement with training groups every day for eight weeks. The animal training protocol was performed on animal treadmill 5 sessions a week for eight weeks. The results showed a significant difference in plasma levels of IL-17, CRP, and CPK variables of control, supplement, training and supplement with training groups after eight weeks (P<0.05). It was also observed that there was a significant difference in IL-17 between control group and other groups, also between training group and supplement group and between supplement group and supplement-training group. The final results of this study showed that exercise activity can increase inflammatory index levels but omega-3 consumption can change the amount of these inflammatory indexes, though the effect of this supplement consumption on these indexes was different.