Author = Mirdar, Shadmehr Harijani
Number of Articles: 9
1. The effect of high-intensity interval training on the GLUT-1, PDK1 gene expressions in rat lung

Volume 11, Issue 3, Autumn 2019, Pages 343-352


Hossein Berenjeian Tabrizi; Shadmehr Mirdar; Mohhamad Mahdi Moghanibashi; Zarbakht Ansari Pirsarae

7. The Effect of a Period of Interval Training and Step Taper on Performance Indexes in Male Rats during Puberty

Volume 7, Issue 4, Winter 2016, Pages 619-634


Shadmehr Harijani Mirdar; Akram Arzani; Ehsan Arabzadeh; Forough Neyestani; Mina Baghbani; Sajad Ahmadi

8. A Study of Work Rate, Heart Rate and Blood Lactate of Soccer Elite Referees in 8th Iranian Premier League

Volume 4, Issue 14, Winter 2013, Pages 71-85


Tohid Mabhout moghadam; shadmehr Mirdar; Reza Gharakhanlo; Mohammad Reza Ramezanpour; Hamid Ghobadi