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1 1. PhD student ، Department of Exercise physiology ، Kermanshah Branch، Islamic Azad University، Kermanshah، Iran

2 Assistant Professor، Department of Exercise Physiology، Kermanshah Branch، Islamic Azad University، Kermanshah، Iran (Corresponding Author)

3 Assistant Professor، Department of Corrective Exercises ، Kermanshah Branch ، Islamic Azad University ، Kermanshah ، Iran

4 Associate Professor , Department of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, Clinical Research Development Center, Imam Reza Hospital، Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences ، Kermanshah , Iran


The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of six-months of combined care program with garlic supplementation on coagulation factors (INR, PPT, PT) in middle-aged men with DVT. The present study was a quasi-experimental with a clinical trial design (code: IRCT20210718051924N1). Subjects were 40 men (age: 51.50 ±4.01 years, fat percentage: 28.63 ±3.24) with a history of at-least 3 years of DVT who were taking warfarin randomly divided into four groups: Combined-exercise, Combined-exercise +garlic, Garlic and Control. Combined-exercise for 24 weeks, 3 sessions per-week, first resistance training (50 to 60% 1RM) and then aerobic training (55 to 60% of the reserve-heart-rate). 1200mg daily garlic supplement was used in the form of capsules at ten o'clock in the morning. PT, PTT and INR factors were measured before and after 24 weeks. Two-way analysis of variance, paired t-test and Tukey post-hoc test were used (P<0.05). The results showed that both combined-exercise +garlic and consumption of garlic increased the PT (garlic 3.3%, p=0.004; exercise +supplement 13.3%, P=0.001) and INR (garlic 2%, p=0.013; exercise +supplement 46%, p=0.001) had a significant effect, also combined-exercise +garlic on the PTT 1.5% (p=0.014) had a significantly effect. But this wasn’t of effects in the combined-exercises (PT: p=0.355, INR: p=0.259, PTT: p=0.448) and the group Garlic was-not significant in PTT (p=0.504). It is recommended to use combined exercises with garlic consumption because of its effect on PT and INR and the important role of these factors in rebalancing homeostasis.


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