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Obgective: The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of one session of swimming and running exercise on the appetite , calorie intake in the the healthy girls.
Methodology: The research design was a cross-sectional one and 12 girl from among university students (average age 22.5 ± 1.3 yr, BMI 21.17 ± 2.68 kg/m², Weight 56.07 ± 5.46 kg and body fat percent 27.12 ± 8.31) voluntarily to participate in three modes of control , swimming and running exercise with 80-85% intensity of maximum heart rate up to the exhuastion level. The appetite rate of the individuals two hours before the exercise ,immediately after the exercise, two and eight hours after the exercise was tested through appetite questionnaires. Also, the calorie intake in the days of implementing protocols and before and after performing protocols were recorded by the subjects themselves. Data were analyzed using a repeated measures analysis of variance and one-way ANOVA. The test significance level was taken as p<0.05.
Result: No significant change was observed in the appetite and calorie intake due to the one session of swimming and running exercise(p<0.05).
Conclusion: one session of Swimming and running exercise has no effect on the appetite and calorie intake. In conclusion, in contrast to what some people believe, one session of exercise untill eight hours after that does not increase hunger and can be used for controlling and reduction weight. Therefore, doing exercise can balance the calorie intake negatively. This negative energy balance will not recover in short-term and there is no difference between swimming and running in this regard.