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some important Compatibility that occur with exercise is increase of the capillary density or angiogenesis. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) have mitogen role for endothelial cells and consider an important intermediary angiogenesis process. The purpose of this study was comparing the effect of two type of physical activity on response of serum VEGF-A in non-athlete men. For this aim 11 non-athletes male (mean %23/80 years) voluntarily chosen and performed progressive aerobic activity and high intensity interval exercise. Blood samples was taken before, immediately and 2 hours post of exercise. Paired T-test was used to compare data derived from two types of activities. Progressively Aerobic activity increased serum VEGF-A was administered immediately after perform (%31/44). Together, two hours after the performance level of VEGF-A levels continued to rise and increased the rest rate of (%59/90). Immediately after performed the high intensity interval exercise, serum levels of VEGF-A decreased (%10/74), but two hours later showed increase than the level rest of exercise (%13/20). Comparative studies between the two types of progressive aerobic exercise and high intensity interval exercise showed that no significant difference between these two types of activity in stimulate of the serum level VEGF-A in the before(P =0/108), immediately(P =0/339) and 2 hours post exercise(P=0/593). Based on the findings of this research, progressive aerobic activity and a single bout high intensity interval exercise as an angiogenesis factor VEGF-A serum measurements can affect them.