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1 (M.Sc.) University of Tehran

2 (Ph.D.) University of Tehran


The aim of this study was to assess the effect of four weeks of high intensity aerobic interval football training on aerobic performance indices in soccer players. 18 soccer players in Iran Azadegan league (age 21.88+2.24 yr, height 174.22+5.33 cm, weight 67.7+5.7 kg, body fat percent 12.38+3.29) volunteered to participate in this study and divided into two groups (training, 12 players; control, 6 players). Four weeks of high intensity aerobic interval training (Hoff) was performed three times a week consisting of four bouts of dribbling a soccer ball in a specially designed path. The percentage of HRmax was separated. Data were analyzed using paired t test. Findings showed no significant change in VO2max, Tmax, vVO2max between the two groups after four weeks of training. It can be concluded that four weeks of training (three sessions per week) did not have any significant effect on aerobic indexes in soccer players