The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of eight weeks of aerobic training along with milk supplement on GLUT4, glucose and insulin in overweight immature boys. For this purpose, 28 immature overweight boys (8 to 10 years) were selected according to the questionnaire of nutrition, exercise abilities, body mass index, health and welfare from volunteers. Then, subjects were divided into four groups randomly: training, milk, training+milk and control. The training protocol included 8 weeks of aerobic training at 45-60% MHR, 3 sessions a week. Milk supplement groups received 236 ml of milk daily. Before and after 8 weeks, blood samples (14 hours of fasting) were gathered to measure levels of GLUT4, glucose and insulin. Data were analyzed by factorial analysis of variance. The results showed that after 8 weeks the amount of GLUT4 significantly increased in training (p=0.001), training+milk (p=0.005) and milk (p=0.002) groups. But glucose and insulin decreased in training (p=0.058, p=0.001 respectively), training+milk (p=0.001, p=0.003 respectively) and milk (p=0.002, p=0.001 respectively); these changes were significant except for glucose in training group. It seems that a period of aerobic training along with milk consumption improves homeostasis glucose, decreases insulin and increases GLUT4 in overweight immature boys