This study aimed at investigating the effect of BCAAs consumption on wrestlers' creatine kinase (CK) activity in a three-month depth jump exercise. For this purpose, 22 male wrestlers from Zanjan province (age 21.54±3.52 yr, weight 66.18±3.76 kg, height 168.36±2.41 cm, BMI 23.34±1.97 kg/m2) were randomly selected and divided into two groups. During the mentioned period, both groups had their breakfast at 7:00 AM, performed the depth jumps at 9:00 AM in six consecutive sets until exhaustion with 5-minute intervals and received their placebo and BCAAs by double-blind method after the jumps. Group one received 45 mg/kg of body weight of valine, leucine and isoleucine in a 4 ml/kg BW solution. Placebo group received 45 mg/kg of body weight of glucose in a 4 ml/kg BW salt and lime solution. Blood samples were gathered before (in fasting) and 48 hours after the depth jumps to measure CK activity. One-way analysis of variance and paired t test were used to investigate CK changes at (?=0.05). The results showed no significant difference in CK activity between the two groups (48 hours following the deep jump) in intergroup and intragroup investigations (p<0.05). Exhaustion may be the reason for cellular injury and plasma CK increase. It is suggested that subjects perform their activity after three months with the same workload to investigate CK.