The aim of this study was to determine the effects of sodium bicarbonate supplementation on blood lactate level and anaerobic power of futsal players. 24 futsal players (mean age of 15.88±1.59 years, weight 62.02±12.76 kg, height 173.21±8.23 cm, BMI 20.51±3.33 kg/m2) were selected and randomly divided into two groups (experimental, N=12) and (control, N=12). The protocol consisted of a five-minute warm-up before Wingate test, 30 seconds on a Monark ergometer and then consumption of 3 mg/kg/bodyweight bicarbonate supplement or placebo for 70 to 120 minutes. Then, Wingate test was performed again to measure variables in the posttest. To determine blood lactate, a lactometer was used immediately after Wingate test. The comparison of differences and independent t test was used to analyze data. The results showed that the sodium bicarbonate supplement significantly increased anaerobic power of futsal players (p=0.008), but changes in blood lactate level (p=0.162), and fatigue index (p=0.560) were not significant. It can be stated that sodium bicarbonate supplement improved anaerobic power of futsal players, but it was not very useful for reducing fatigue resulted from lactate concentration