The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of 8 weeks of concurrent training on the plasma myostatin levels in non-athlete obese men. This research was quasi-experimental. For this purpose, 23 overweight non-athlete men voluntarily participated in this study and were assigned to concurrent training group (n=12, mean age 21.38±2.06 yr, height 173.65±7.07 cm, weight 86.61±15.05 kg and BF% 27.05±2.67 and control group (n=11, mean age 21.44±1.13 yr, height 175.61±5.09 cm, weight 90.00±14.05 kg, BF% 27.15±2.68). The experimental subjects performed 8 weeks of concurrent protocol including resistance training (5 exercises, 3 days per week, at 50% – 80% of 1RM) and endurance training (running with 65% – 85% HRmax for 25 – 40 min.). In concurrent group, all subjects performed endurance training before resistance training. Control group did not participate in any training program. Prior to the protocol and 48 hours after the last session, fasting blood samples (5 mm) were collected from antecubital vein of the subjects. The results of independent t test showed a significant decrease in plasma myostatin level in experimental group (p=0.001). Therefore, it can be concluded that concurrent training can prevent the loss of muscle mass and sarcopenia.