The aim of this study was to evaluate the health–related physical fitness status of men aged between 50 and 65 in Isfahan. 385 non-athlete men (mean age: 57.73±4.65 years, height: 167.94±6.04 cm, weight: 76.88±9.45 kg) aged between 50 and 65 were randomly selected as the sample. This study used physical fitness standard tests including flexibility test of sit and reach, Rockport walking, curl-up and push-up tests. Independent t test was used to analyze data. The findings revealed that subjects’ status was not optimal in cardiovascular endurance (28.17± 4.05 ml/kg/min), body fat percent (%29.70±6.14), strength and endurance of abdominal muscles (14.77±7.79 curl-ups) and strength and endurance of shoulder girdle (11.54±5.94 push-ups) compared to the available norms and findings of some research. However, subjects’ status was optimal in flexibility (18.82± 9.55 cm). Although the benefits of regular physical activity are obvious to everyone, many reasons such as lack of knowledge about the role of physical activity in promoting life quality, lack of proper facilities and equipment for the elderly, insufficient time, energy, incentive and socio-cultural behavior prohibit the elderly from participating in regular physical activities.