The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of maltodextrin supplementation on blood glucose and anaerobic indices of the young male athletes. 30 young male athletes were selected as the sample and assigned to two groups: carbohydrate (CHO: N=15; mean and SD age 16.67±0.8 years, height 171.27±5.22 cm, weight 67.87±4.29 kg) and control (CONT: N=15; mean and SD age 16.73±1.03 years, height 173.34±5.41 cm, weight 69.11±4.25 kg). During the protocol (60 min. running with 70% MHR), subjects consumed 3 ml/kg of body weight of 5% maltodextrin solution or placebo every 15 minutes. Anaerobic capacities such as peak and mean power as well as the fatigue index were measured by Wingate test protocol. Standard glucometer was used to determine blood glucose. ?2 statistical test was used to indicate the effect of maltodextrin supplementation on dependent variables. The results showed that 61.84% decline in blood glucose in control group could be attributed to the effect of independent variable that is assessed as a high effect. The results showed that maltodextrin supplementation during 60 minutes of aerobic activity with 70% MHR had a significant effect and acceptable effect size on the mean changes in blood glucose and anaerobic variables in young males.