The Effect of Short Time Circuit-Resistance Exercise with Different Intensities on GH/IGF-I Growth Axis in Young Healthy University Men



The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of short time circuit-resistance exercise with difference intensities on GHI/IGF-I growth axis in healthy male students. For this purpose, 27 male students with mean and standard deviation of age 21.40±1.78 yr, height 172±0.45 cm, weight 68.85±5.39 kg were selected and randomly divided into three resistance exercise groups (each group, 9 subjects) with intensity of 40%,60%, 80%1RM. Resistance circuit exercise program included 10 sessions. One-way ANOVA and paired t test were used to analyze data in SPSS software. Analysis of data showed that circuit resistance exercise with intensity of 40%, 60%, 80% 1RM had a significant effect on GH. Also, circuit resistance exercise with intensity of 40% had a significant effect on IGF-I. It can be concluded that the intensity of one session of circuit resistance exercise can have incremental and different effects on GH and IGF-I.