The Effect of Aerobic Training and Following Detraining on Renal Function Markers in Obese Girls



Obesity is accompanied with renal dysfunction, so renal impairment is more prevalent in obese people. Renal function can be assessed via markers such as cystatin C (Cys C), creatinine (Crn) and glomerular filtration rate (GFR). As the effect of exercise training on renal function has been less investigated, this study aimed to study the effect of eight weeks of aerobic training and 10 days of detraining on renal function markers in obese girls. For this purpose, 24 obese girls (age: 21±2 yrs, BMI?32) were divided into two groups: aerobic training (n=12) and control group (n=12). Aerobic training group trained for 8 weeks, 4 sessions/week, 60 min./each session, intensity %65-75 HRmax. Then, 10 days of detraining followed. Cys C, Crn and GFR were measured. ANOVA with repeated measures was used for statistical analysis. The results showed that Cys C decreased insignificantly in the training group (p=0.739). Crn and GFR increased insignificantly (p=0.864 and p=0.759 respectively). Detraining had no significant effect on any variables (p>0.05). The results showed that eight weeks of aerobic training had no significant effect on renal function markers in obese girls. It seems that in order to improve the effect of the training, it is necessary to perform training programs with higher volume and proper diet