The aim of this study was to compare the effect of a session of aerobic and anaerobic exercise on changes of IgA/Salivary total protein ratio in non-athlete girls. 36 non-athlete girls were randomly divided into three groups: anaerobic (n =12) with mean age of 23±1.91 years, aerobic (n =12) with mean age of 21±1.45 years and the control group (n =12) with mean age 23.25±2.09 years. Salivary samples were collected before and immediately after the test. In this study, RAST test was used for anaerobic exercise and Shuttle Run for aerobic exercise. Control group did not exercise during the study. Data were analyzed by one-way analysis of variance, t test and SPSS 16 software. The results showed no significant difference in changes of IgA/salivary total protein ratio among the groups. Correlated t test results showed no significant changes of IgA/salivary total protein ratio with each group. Also, no destructive effect of exercise on mucosal immunity was observed.