In aim of this research was to investigate the effect of a decrease in the number of practice sessions and an increase in exercise intensity on aerobic and anaerobic power, body fat percentage, and body mass index. 80 subjects (average age: 20.2±1.53 years and height: 160.18±5.43cm) were divided into 4 groups (3 experimental groups and one control group). The experimental groups exercised with certain intensity, one, two and three sessions respectively per week for 8 weeks. The exercise consisted of walking and running with certain speeds for each experimental group: three-session group exercised with low intensity (60%-70% maximal heart rate), the two-session group exercised with moderate intensity (70%-80% maximal heart rate) and the one-session group exercised with high intensity (80%-90% maximal heart rate). The findings showed that in factors such as aerobic power, body fat percentage and body mass index, the more the number of sessions and the less the intensity, the better the results for body fat percentage and aerobic power, but the more the intensity and the less the number of the sessions, the better the results for anaerobic power.