The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of caffeine ingestion on anaerobic power; fatigue index and blood lactate levels in boys athlete students. Among voluntarers 16 subjects were selected and devided into two caffeine and placebo groups in a simple – randomized manner base on fatigue index in the pretest. They were asked to prevent from doing intensified activities 24 hours prior to test start and eating or drinking which included any caffeine – related materials. The primary RAST test, as a pretest, was performed following 4 hours of lunch meal and after 6 minutes their blood lactate was measured. The secondary rast test was done after a week exactly like the first session: the subjects go on ingestion caffeine casually and interrupt it 48 hours prior to test in post test; the subjects took 6mg/kg caffeine or placebo one hour prior to test start. Dpendent and independent t –test were used as statistical method (P= 0.05) and finding suggest that caffeine ingestion has a significant positive effect on mean power, low power and fatigue index. Totally, it can be noted that caffeine ingestion is effective in shuttle – run performance.