It has been suggested that ghrelin may play a role in the response of growing hormone (GH) to exercises. The present study was designed to examine the effects of 6 weeks of wrestling and a wrestling–based circuit exercise (WBCE) on plasma ghrelin and some glucoregulatory hormones in well-trained wrestlers. 30 well-trained male wrestlers (age 18.5±1.5 and BMI 24.8±6.81) voluntarily participated in 6 weeks of wrestling and WBCE exercise. Measured variables were plasma ghrelin and glucose, serum GH, cortisol and insulin. Results showed that 6 weeks of training resulted in a significant decrease in GH, cortisol and serum insulin and a significant increase in plasma ghrelin. We concluded that an increase in ghrelin in response to a negative energy balance could not increase GH secretion and other possible mechanisms are involved in this process.