The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of omega3 and aerobic exercise intervention on the calcium metabolism regulating hormones in non – athlete postmenopausal women. For this purpose 40 healthy non – athlete postmenopausal women with age 57.72±3.53 years, height 157,75±9,24 cm, weight 58.08±12.76kg, BMI 23.78±3.73kg/m2, fat 23.18±4.68% volunteered in this study. Subjects in a double blind study randomly divided in exercise + supplement (n=10), exercise (n=10), supplement (n=10) and control (n=10) groups. The subjects in exercise + supplement and exercise groups performed aerobic exercise training up to 70-80% of exercise MHR, three times a week for 16 weeks. Subjects in supplement and control groups didn't participate in any exercise. In exercise + supplement and supplement groups subjects asked to consume 1000mg omega3 for 16 weeks. The blood ionized calcium, PTH (Chemi Luminescent) and CT (radioimmunoassay RIA) were measured before and after 16 weeks of aerobic exercise training. Results indicate that consuming 1000mg omega3 in the course of 16weeks aerobic exercise, significantly affected CT (p=0.001) and PTH (p=0.001) levels, but had no significant effects on ionized calcium (p=0.619) levels.The results of this study suggest that, omega3 and regular aerobic exercise training have significant effects on serum CT and PTH in non – athlete post menopausal women, that these changes will help increase skeletal health. No such results have been reported, so far.