To investigate the effect of vitamin E supplementation on the response of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) to exhaustive exercise, 16 active men were selected and divided into supplementation and placebo groups based on VO2max. The subjects in each group completed 65 minutes of exhaustive exercise after14 days of supplementation. Blood samples were collected before supplementation and immediately before and after the exhaustive exercise. The data were analyzed using variance analysis and dependent t tests. Results showed a significant increase in serum vitamin E (p=0.000) in supplemented group. Also, serum ICAM-1 insignificantly increased in supplementation (p=0.128) and placebo (p=0.095) groups. However, no differences were found in serum ICAM-1 between supplementation and placebo groups (p=0.710) within any time span. In conclusion, 400 international unit of vitamin E supplementation for 14 days (tocopherol isomer) did not have a significant effect on serum ICAM-1 induced by exhaustive exercise