The Comparative Study of General Health and Social Relationships of Physically Active and Inactive Governmental Employees in Isfahan City



The purpose of this research was to survey the general health and social relationships of active and inactive governmental employees in Isfahan city. This research was causal-comparative. The statistical sample included 384 employees of governmental organizations in Isfahan who were selected by cluster random sampling manner. A general health questionnaire (GHQ 28) and a researcher-made questionnaire were used. The results of general health examination showed that 211 personnel enjoyed acceptable general health conditions and 2 personnel had unacceptable general health conditions. There was a significant difference in general health between physically active and inactive employees. However, the results showed a significant difference in social relationships between active and inactive employees. It is recommended that managers provide social meetings for newcomers to governmental organizations and provide them with the chance to attend meetings, to accompany their colleagues and to help promote their social relationships.