The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of endurance training on inflammatory markers of cardiovascular diseases in old men. For this purpose, 20 male subjects voluntarily participated in this study. Subjects were randomly assigned to two groups: endurance training (age=66.60+3.77 years, weight=76.20+4.07 kg, BMI=25.60+1.78 kg/m2, BF=24.65+2.88%) and control group (age=64.50+4.06 years, weight=76.90+5.25 kg, BMI=26.40+2.28 kg/m2, BF=24.40+2.01%). The endurance training program included continuous running (in gymnasium) with an intensity of 60-70% maximal heart rate 3 sessions per week for 8 weeks. Blood samples were gathered (5cc) in fasting state before and after the 8 weeks of endurance training. CRP was measured by immunoturbidimetric method and fibrinogen was measured by Clauss method. The data were analyzed by T-student test. Results showed that endurance training significantly decreased serum CRP and plasma fibrinogen (?=0.05). It is concluded that endurance training decreases inflammatory makers and probably future cardiovascular risks in old men.