Author = A.A Gaeini
Number of Articles: 16
1. Circadian Rhythm of MDA, PC and SOD in Non-Athlete Active Males

Volume 4, Issue 131, January 2022, Pages 5-20

javad Vakili; Abbasali Gaeini; Mohammadreza Kordi; Mehdi Hedayati

2. High- intensity interval training improved left ventricular function in post myocardial infarction rats

Volume 13, Issue 2, September 2021, Pages 149-166


alireza ghardashi afousi; A.A Gaeini; mohammadreza kordi; nahid aboutaleb

3. The Effects of Endurance Training with Stanozolol Treatment on hepatic enzymes of male rats

Volume 12, Issue 4, January 2021, Pages 375-389


Alireza Joneidi Shariatzade; A.A Gaeini; sirous choobineh; maryam mirzaei

5. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Beneficial or Harmful? An Investigation of Bone Mass Density Changes after High Intensity Interval Training in Adult Male Wistar Rats

Volume 7, Issue 2, August 2015, Pages 211-223


alireza ghardashi afousi; Siros Choobineh; Abbas Ali Gaeini; Mohsen Javidi; Ali Asghar Fallahi

6. The Effect of 12 Weeks of Endurance Training on Plasma Levels of Acylated Ghrelin, PYY3-36, Food Intake and Weight of Obese Male Rats

Volume 4, Issue 14, February 2013, Pages 55-69


Mohammad shariatzadeh; Abassali Gaeini; Mohammad reza Kordi; Rahman soori; Mehdi hedayati; Rohallah Haghshenas

8. The Effect of Four Weeks of Detraining after a Period of Intense Sprint Training on Risk Factors of Atherogenic Inflammatory Damages

Volume 3, Issue 9, June 2011

Mehdi Mogharnasi; A Gaeini; M Kordi; A Ravasi; E Javadi; D Sheykholeslami

9. The Effect of Energy Drinks on Endurance Performance in Female Athlete Students

Volume 2, Issue 7, December 2010

fahimeh kazemi; A Gaeini; M Kordi

13. The Effects of Short Term Creatine Supplement in Sprint Performance and Muscular Strength in Wrestlers

Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2009, Pages 77-92

A.A Gaeini; E Alidoust; A Ahmadi; M Abolhasan

14. The Effect of Endurance Training on Predictive Inflammatory Markers of Cardiovascular Diseases in Old Men

Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2009, Pages 93-202

S Soheili; A Gaieni; H Nikbakht; R Souri; H Parsian

15. The Effect of Interval Sprint Training and a Detraining Period on Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant System in Wistar Rats

Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2009, Pages 23-41

Dariush Sheikholeslami Vatani; A.A Gaeinin; A.A Allame; A.A Ravasi; M.R Kordi; A Dadkhah